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Meet the team that makes it all happen!

we are the future of

Virtual Design and Construction
Step into the future of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) with PiVDC, the innovative suite of tools coming from
the years of research and development by Pinnacle Infotech Solutions, the global BIM leader.


We Do?

We automate so you can build with certainty!

We are passionate about providing innovative automation tools to streamline your workflows and save you time and effort. We understand that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach. That's why we have a team of experts dedicated to creating custom solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Our add-ins are easy to use and can fit your specific needs. You can set up workflows and automate tasks with just a few clicks, achieving more in less time.


Our Process

From visualizing the project risks to introducing automation to reduce cost and time,
we foster innovation at each step of the development.


We develop each tool by empathizing
with the difficulties and criticality of
each scope of work and trade. Deeply
partnering with the clients and our
BIM engineers, Pinnacle's R&D team
implements the VDC tools.


From each requisition and
research, we ideate the challenges
that every VDC team faces and
treat them as an opportunity to
take BIM automation to the next


Once the VDC challenges are identified, our R&D team works closely with the clients and the VDC teams to brainstorm the ideal solution and define it. Our only goal is to reduce your project risks and let you enjoy improved productivity.


From 3D modeling to shop drawings
and Prefabrication to site installation,
we have delivered 100+ tools for
various trades and sub-trades. Each
tool releases with a user manual and
after multiple internal test runs.

Core Features
What Makes Us Different

Pinnacle is a BIM solutions provider that takes every project as an opportunity for automation.
Did you know we have added certainty to over 7,500 built facilities globally, with our Research and
Development wing tackling construction technology problems during the entire VDC lifecycle of these projects?

Our R&D Team keeps us at the forefront of implementing automation in thousands of active construction projects.

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